ABOUT ME I got into Photography with a capital 'P' when my friends and family started pointing out that I was always the last one to put my little point and shoot camera away at parties and gatherings. Even when I did try to put it away, I'd spot something else I had yet to snap or I'd feel like I was missing a photo opportunity so it barely made it back into its case before I was pulling my camera out again. At university my friends would hand me their cameras at house parties and nights out, and knew they wouldn't get it back till the end of the night when they would discover I'd pretty much filled the memory card with everyone's faces. It wasn't just a trigger happy obsession, it was a determination not to miss a single moment, to have every smile captured, every memory framed. 

My friends and family were onto something. A few years later, that determination has not changed. I've upgraded from my little point and shoot and am filling much bigger memory cards now but the goal is still the same as ever.

The idea that someone will look at a photograph I took on their wedding day and be able to recall the taste of the champagne toast, the sound of the live band, the smell of the wedding cake as they cut into it… that’s what keeps my eye to the viewfinder and my finger clicking away at the shutter button all the way through your special day.

Besides photography, I also love to bake treats when I have the time and make things with my sewing machine - mainly giant fleecey versions of my favourite film characters such as Totoro, I love a good trip to the theatre and enjoy performing on stage myself when the opportunity presents itself. To wind down I tend to fall into the rabbit hole of my Youtube subscriptions and suggestions and/or rewatch my favourite Disney and Ghibli films (e.g. Tangled and My Neighbour Totoro) whilst I do some sewing.

A great way to get to know more about me is my blog. I post a mish mash of stuff on there including some recipes and crafty DIYs, along with some photos of course!