Saying Goodbye to 2016

2016… where to begin? It’s been an eventful one, let’s put it that way. And, unsurprisingly, I think there’s a general feeling of ‘good riddance’ as we head towards the New Year. So much bad news; what seemed like an unusually high number of celebrity deaths; politics gone mad; and media reporting with various interpretations of the ‘truth’ has all made for a year most will be glad to see the back of.

landscape, walking, family photography by Heather Isobel

And this bothers me. Because, for most of us, 2016 hasn’t been all that bad. In a strange turn of events, we seem to have become so obsessed with ‘the bigger picture’ that we’ve forgotten to pay attention to our own mundane lives. Zoom back in, and we realise that the craziness the media is shouting at us about from all angles has had very little effect on us so far. Just stop for a moment and think of all the good times you’ve had this year. Sieve out all the politics and news stories from your memory of the past year for just a moment, and see what’s left. Take some time to remember that it wasn’t all bad. That gig you went to with friends, the family gathering you had, the holiday you went on, the success you had at work, the wedding of an old friend, the new friend you made… Life went on, and it was pretty alright.

Natural candid family photography by Heather Isobel

Natural candid event photography by Heather Isobel

Back in December 2012, my friend gave me an empty jar with ‘Best Thoughts 2013’ written on the label. I spent the next year filling it with tickets and leaflets and wristbands from all the fun things I attended, sometimes just writing little notes about how nice of a day I spent with a friend or the mini success I had in my work day. When New Year arrived I got to tip it all out and be reminded of all the happy times I had, big and small. I highly recommend creating your own ‘best thoughts’ jar as a way to keep hold of all the good things that happen in a year that we often forget about or don’t recognise. As you can see, I still use mine every year!


So, enjoy celebrating the end of another year, with all the highs and lows it contained. I hope you get to spend it however you most want to, be that sharing it with family; partying with all your friends; dancing with your pets; or simply having an early night! Happy New Year, may your jar be overflowing.

Fireworks at Hallam FM's After Dark event in Sheffield by Heather Isobel Photography

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