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A couple of months ago, a friend tagged me in a comment on an Instagram photo. A friend of hers had just recommended she follow this user and the latest photo on her feed (and therefore the first my friend saw) advertised an event in Sheffield. Knowing that’s where I live, and seeing the type of event, my friend immediately thought of me. Having now attended that event, I am so very grateful she did! (Thanks Jess!)

Colour Walk Sheffield, In Colourful Company, Heather Isobel Photography

The event was a colour walk. No, not a slower version of those events where you get powder paint thrown at you, but a wander around the city seeking out splashes of colour and brightness. It was aimed at ‘creatives’ as a chance to meet new people, explore the city and get some fun snaps and videos along the way. It sounded right up my street!

colour walk Sheffield, Heather Isobel Photography

We met outside Sheffield train station and we were hard to miss once we’d all arrived! The dress code being ‘colourful’ meant a rainbow of brights was reflected all over as we began our walk, passing the mirror waterfall fountain that lines the way out of the station.

Colour Walk Sheffield, In colourful company, Heather Isobel Photography


Colour Walk Sheffield, In colourful company, Heather Isobel Photography

We wiggled our way round some of Sheffield’s side roads and hidden walkways, as those are of course the best spots for graffiti! Sheffield has a reputation for some rather dazzling and impressive graffiti, with a few resident, regularly-commissioned artists who create incredible murals to brighten up otherwise dingy walls. It was great to take the time to seek these out and stop to admire them (grabbing some obligatory selfies along the way) instead of walking on by as usual.

“My arm’s not long enough, we won’t all fit!” Kaylee the day-saver whips out a selfie stick and I couldn’t resist capturing the moment!

An action shot of some of the girls mid-boomerang (an app that captures video clips)

Then, of course, there’s Millennium Galleries and their glass wall of colour that overlooks the city. A great spot for group shots and videos. After a quick meander through the Winter Gardens and a stop off at the sphere fountains, the colour walk was over! Some headed on to lunch together with new friendships forming, and others were off to other commitments, reeling at how quickly the couple of hours had passed! There was a definite consensus that this should be the first of many more, and huge gratitude toward Toni, the creator and organiser of the event. Such a seemingly simple idea made for a joyful Sunday morning in colourful company.


Find Toni on Instagram here.
Check out my Instagram here.
Toni created a wonderful video montage to capture the day which I shared on my Facebook Page here.


  1. This is so awesome! You all look great, plus all your photography is so stunning, like you have some crazy skills!x

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