MinTea Hot Chocolate

I made my first minTea hot chocolate a couple of years ago as a way to jazz up a hot chocolate without adding an expensive and/or sugar laden flavour syrup. It quickly became my go-to winter treat, so I thought I’d share the (very simple) recipe. It’s also very adaptable to suit tastes and diets, and I like to think its sort-of-maybe-a-bit of a healthy version of what is often a not-so-healthy drink!

The less-than-secret ingredient!


You will need:

1 peppermint teabag

cocoa powder

milk/milk alternative of your choice

at least 1 spoon for mixing

2 mugs

a kettle

a microwave/stove top



1.Start by brewing your tea. Not an ordinary, full mug of tea but just a small amount of hot water in the bottom of the mug you want to drink the completed result from. Leave the teabag in while you prepare the rest, to get the most flavour out of it.


2. Next, start on the chocolate part. Heat up just under a mug full of milk in the microwave (or on a stove top). While that’s heating, mix about a dessert spoon (heaped if you want more intensity to your cocoa flavour) with a splash of cold milk to form a paste. Add the hot milk to this paste and stir to mix well.


3. Now, take the teabag out and add your hot chocolatey milk to your mint tea concentrate and mix.

4. Enjoy!

Optional: Here’s where the healthy-ness becomes debatable… sweeten in to taste with sugar/sweetener to take the edge off the bitter cocoa. Or, you can swap out the cocoa for a drinking chocolate powder which will be sweeter than pure cocoa. Mine was made with sweetened almond milk, so it had inbuilt sugar already, but I found using a peppermint candy cane as a stirrer added a welcome extra injection of sweet minty-ness. Give it a try, trust me.

recipe for a healthy mint hot chocolate

Best served in a fancy-looking glass to make it extra photogenic

minTea hot chocolate recipe blogpost

But don’t spend too long photographing it in front of pretty lights or it might go cold (speaking from experience here).

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This post is part of my Advent Project 2016 which you can read more about here.

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